Flappy Curve Original Manual

NOTE: This manual is only for Flappy Curve Original and not the remastered version.


1. Introduction
2. Controls
3. Scoring
4. The Store
5. The Powerups
6. Custom Colors
7. Game Customization
8. I've got a Question!


Flappy Curve is a game where one controls the curve and passes through holes.
The game speeds up as you progress and eventually the display starts to rotate in order to stop you.

The goal in Flappy Curve is to survive as long as you can and travel further than ever before.

The game consists of 8 levels. Each next level is longer and the last level is infinitely long.

You can customize your curve color and use different powerups that will help you earn more score, coins or help you go further.

Flappy Curve also adds in a feature to make your own curve color.

The coins you earn, can be spent in the game's store to
purchase powerups or curve colors.