Flappy Curve Original Manual

NOTE: This manual is only for Flappy Curve Original and not the remastered version.


1. Introduction
2. Controls
3. Scoring
4. The Store
5. The Powerups
6. Custom Colors
7. Game Customization
8. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Making of Flappy Curve Original

Who made this game?
As stated at the very beginning of the game, and in the credits, the game was written by Ateri. Ateri was a Curve Fever Moderator and developer and a also was a Curve Radio DJ from Croatia.

How long was this game in development?
About 4 months, Ateri didn't work full time on it.

How long have you been writting software (programs/games)?
Since the age of 10. That would be about 11 years ago. I've made so many games I lost count.

When does Flappy Curve Remastered come out?

Is Flappy Curve a game from Curve Fever?
Not anymore, in the past yes. I do not work for or with Curve Fever since 2015.

What happened to Flappy Curve 2?
It got cancelled.

Error Reporting (Flappy Curve Original)

Flappy Curve Original decided to show up an error screen. What do I do?
I no longer support Flappy Curve Original as the last game update was in 2015.
Contact me right away to get help if you are really planning to play it.

Flappy Curve Original doesn't start up, What do I do?
If Flappy Curve Original doesn't work on your computer, then it's a compatibility problem with your computer. Not a game error. Those are errors that cannot be fixed. They depend on your computer. Flappy Curve Original should have no problems on modern computers. Old computers are known to not run Flappy Curve Original at all.

Flappy Curve Original runs slow, What do I do?
Flappy Curve Original can no longer run slow. Yay! (Unless you use a newer GPU, then low FPS could be unfixable. dgVoodoo2 also won't fix this problem, will only break the game more.)